TV and Film Royalty Reporting - Just-ROYALTIES

At Creative we have written software for TV and Film production and distribution companies. Based on the market leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution 'Just-ROYALTIES' offers very strong financial functionality combined with easy to use, but highly impressive production costing. Our system enables your royalties team to have fast, intelligent reporting and title analysis. Our customer base includes Endemol, Entertainment One, Hat Trick Productions and Zodiak Media Group.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Just-ROYALTIES helps gives you real time production profit visibility.

With Just-ROYALTIES, you have all of your accounting and royalties requirement in a single system.

Key Benefits:
- Streamline your processes
- Faster more accurate reporting
- Your business driven by one system

With so many varied forms of media production and distribution now on the market, it is becoming more and more complex to track the associated Royalties. Most companies in the media sector have disparate sales and financial systems in place. This makes accurate royalty reporting a difficult process. Creative has provided a number of fast and accurate solutions now to TV and Film companies. The major release for 2009 was the 'Just-ROYALTIES' Royalty Reporting module after successful implementation at The Target Entertainment Group.

Just-ROYALTIES sits on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and can stand alone as a sales system or can integrate with other sales/distribution databases. At Zodiak Media, integration with Rights Tracker was the key. Taking the data from both systems and then automating the production of reports and statements to make the whole process far more efficient.

Business is changing. You notice it every day. The tempo is quicker. Customer tastes and competitive dynamics change in a heartbeat. Your market is evolving, with customers and prospects in new cities, and maybe even new countries. The way people work is changing too. A more virtual world creates opportunities for businesses that support efficient remote and mobile employees. And when every interaction and transaction counts, you need greater visibility, insight, and control to make the informed decisions that boost your bottom line.

Reacting to change can stretch your current accounting software and business applications. Every new tax, regulation, and business requirement seems to expose a new deficiency. IT creates patches and workarounds to bridge gaps and squeeze one more drop of productivity out of your systems, but this approach cuts into margins, and a growing portion of your IT budget disappears into software maintenance instead of funding projects that add business value and drive growth.

Upgrading your accounting and business software becomes more urgent every day, but you worry about complications. Along with budgetable expenses, you wonder about the potential for unforeseen costs. Factor in the risk of project delays and interruptions to critical business processes. All in all, it's tempting to delay an upgrade until you gain more confidence that the result will be predictable and positive.

Microsoft is committed to help you upgrade with confidence by delivering a comprehensive vision and solution for your business. The next release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV renews our promise to deliver ongoing value and innovation. Consistent product releases, cost effective to deploy and easy to implement at your pace, help you transform your business. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 you can:
- Gain end-to-end visibility and greater control over what's going on in your business, helping your people make smart, timely decisions andget more done.
- Get ahead of changing conditions, and stay ahead, by streamlining your business processes. This helps you control expenses, improve the bottom line, and drive business growth.
- Optimize your IT investments and shorten the time to value with a flexible solution that is simple to learn and use. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 works like and with other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, and with other business software you may already use.

All of this improves your margins and enhances the bottom line, generating cash to drive business growth and helping you to shape your own future.

Client Testimonials

  • "Just-ROYALTIES is a brilliant system and perfect for what we and I think many distributors need."

    Gavin Reid, Financial Director at Target Entertainment